Sporta pārklājumi

Concentrated waterbased paint. Highly flexible and durable strength. Based on pure acrylic resins with great resistance to weather conditions and bleach. Indoor and outdoor use. Dilutes and cleans with water.

4 litres

JUNOSPORT Acrylic Swimmingpools

On grease, rust and calamine free ferric, steel, aluminium and galvanised surfaces prime with Multisupport Primer. Cement and concrete polished surfaces must be prepared mechanically through milling or similar in order to superficial whitewash and obtain a n open pore surface.


Brush, roller or pneumatic air spray gun. Before application, confirm always surface humidity. Apply first one JUNOSPORT Acrylic diluted coat 10-20%. Apply the following coats, one or two, directly, waiting 6 hours untill repaintng. On painted surfaces, remove the spare parts ant treat them afterwards. The room temperature must be at least 3ªC over dew point. Avoid condensations. Relative humidity must not exceed 80%. After painting the swimmingpool, it is necessary to wait 15 days untill the water filling process. In sport grounds and speechs, it is neccesary to wait 5 days untill walking through them.

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JUNO 2014 – Dekoratīvās un profesionālās krāsas, un pārklājumi kopš 1927.