Sporta pārklājumi


Waterbased concentrated paint with great adherence, rub and weather resistance. Based on acrylic resins providing great strenght. Indoor and outdoor use. Dilutes and cleans with water. EPD certified (Environmental Product Declaration): allows for sustainable building according to LEED and BREEAM standards.

15 litres


Concrete surfaces must be rough and grease stains, rubber, whitewash, curative agents and other strange Mattrial free. Grease and rubber stains must be removed with thinners or detergents and rinsed after with water. Use sandblast if they do not dissapear. Whitewash and curative agents must be removed with sandblast or milling, aspiring the dust afterwards. On silice free concretes, use 10% chloridic acid and clean with pressure water . On asphaltic surfaces, besides clean them properly, it is recommended to wait 15 days between the product application and the painting process.


Brush, roller or pneumatic air spray gun. The room temperature must be at least 3ªC over dew point. Avoid condensations. During the paint appliction and mature process, temperature must be over +10ª. Relative humidity must not exceed 80%. There must not be ascendent humidity. Before application, confirm always surface humidity. Aplpy at least 2 porduct coats. Protect from humidity, condensation and water during, at least, the first 24 hours. Do not allow water builds-up on the surface. Product glossy might differ depending on the surface absortion and temperature.

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JUNO 2014 – Dekoratīvās un profesionālās krāsas, un pārklājumi kopš 1927.