Chlororubber DYNAMOL

Sporta pārklājumi


Quick-drying chlorinated rubber paint with high resistance to acids. Formulated with chlorinated rubber resins with high resistance to acids and alkalis. For interior and exterior use. Cleaning and dilution with chlorinated rubber solvent D-40 (Code 50.000). EPD certified (Environmental Product Declaration): allows for sustainable building according to LEED and BREEAM standards.

15 / 4 / 0,750 litres

Chlororubber DYNAMOL

On grease, rust and calamine free steel and ferric surfaces prime with Chloro-rubber primer. On aluminium and galvanised surfaces prime after cleaning with Dynapok Zync Phosphate 2/C or MULTISUPPORT PRIMER. Concrete surfaces must be resistant stable and dry, grease and other strange components free and forge it during, at least, 4 weeks. Concrete surfaces must be rough and grease stains, rubber, curative agents, whitewash and any other strange components free. Grease and rubber stains must be removed with thinners or detergents, rinse with water afterwards. Use sandblast if they do not disappear. Whitewash and curative agents must be removed with sandblast or milling, aspiring the dust afterwards. On silice free concretes, use 10% chloridic acid and clean with pressure water . On asphaltic surfaces, besides clean them properly, it is recommended to wait 15 days between the product application and the painting process.


Brush, roller or pneumatic air spray gun. For pneumatic air spray gun application, dilute with thinner (D-40) 10-15%. Before application, confirm if the previous paint is compatible with chloro rubber. It is not recommended to apply the paint over wet or sun overheated surfaces. In sport grounds and speechs, it is neccesary to wait 7 days untill walking through them. It is not recommnended for bituminous asphalts and/or tar covered surfaces painting.

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