Iekštelpu krāsas / Matētas

High opacity decorative interior emulsion. Contains anti-mold preservatives. Easy application and quick drying properties giving a matt finish. Also ideal for quick turnover of rooms and spaces such as hotels, rental apartments, children's rooms etc.

4L / 2,5L


Stir paint well before use, ensuring complete homogenization. Apply on consistent, clean, completely dry surfaces, free of efflorescence (saltpeter) and molds. Do not apply to substrates with a temperature less than 5 ° C or excessively hot. It is convenient to protect areas that are not to be painted (plugs, skirting boards, floor, door frames and windows) with painter's tape and paper. Once the work is complete remove the tape to prevent paint from lifting later on.


Apply using brush, roller or spray equipment.

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