Iekštelpu krāsas / Matētas

Anticondensacion EPD

Special waterbased anti-condensation paint with anti-mold preservatives. Formulated with acrylic copolymers and glass spheres, effectively preventing any condensation of water on its surface.

15L / 4L /750ml


Stir the paint well until complete homogenization is achieved. Apply on consistent, clean, completely dry surfaces, free of efflorescence (saltpeter) and molds. Do not apply to substrates with a temperature lower than 5°C or excessively hot surface. It is convenient to protect areas that are not to be painted (plugs, skirting boards, floor, door frames and windows) with masking tape and paper. Once the work is complete remove any masking immediately to prevent lifting the paint.


Brush, roller or by spraying

JUNO 2014 – Dekoratīvās un profesionālās krāsas, un pārklājumi kopš 1927.