Krāsu sistēmas / Emulsijas

High covering and performance waterbased base paint to dye. Baesd on water dispersed resins. Indoor and outdoor use. Dilutes and cleans with water.

10 / 4 / 0,750 litres


On concrete, cement or new water seal based mortar surfaces prime with HIDROKRIL. If the surface is dusty, prime with HIDROKRIL. On Plaster or Plasterboard surfaces, prime with HIDROKRILL and seal with AQUASELL. In case of mildew, microbacteries, etc. contamination, clean with a 10% water and bleach solution, rinse with water, let it dry and prime. In case of efflorescence, brush, clean with a 10% chloride acid solution, rinse with water and let it dry.


Brush, roller or pneumatic air spray gun. Apply 2 diluted coats 10% up to 20-25%. When painting over glossy or satin paints or varnishes, it is necessary to sand them to remove the shine and enhancing the adherence and remove tensions.

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