Citi / Piedevas

Polypropylene non-slip aggregates for mixing with JUNO paints and coatings.

150 gr


Microspeheres should be mixed into the paint before application in the following proportions: 1 tub of microspeheres for every 4 litres of paint. 4 tubs of microspeheres for every 15 litres of paint Shake and stir the paint untill microspheres are completely homogenized and properly distributed within the paint. Apply by brush, roller or large tip size spray equipment. (Avg. size of microspehere is 180 microns) Always apply product following datasheet instructions of coating to be used along with the microspeheres.


JUNO 2014 – Dekoratīvās un profesionālās krāsas, un pārklājumi kopš 1927.